I'd Love to Shoot For You!

so, Here is a little information

Hey! I'm so so honored to be considered as your associate or second photographer. As a business owner and wedding photographer myself, I understand how important it is to find someone who will be a great match - artistically, professionally, and personally. 

Here's some info that might help you determine if we'll make a great team!

  • LGBTQ+ couple? Love is love is love is love is love.
  • I am completely comfortable working with either the guys or the girls during the "getting ready" portion of the day
  • I will do whatever it takes to get the shot - including (but not limited to) standing knee deep in water, laying in dirt, or climbing trees. I live for adventure (and great angles)!
  • I have years of teaching experience at all grade levels which has helped me hone my toddler, bridal party, and extended family herding skills - I'm not afraid to use my teacher voice when needed, but will do it with a smile.
  • While working as a teacher I also acquired the ability to eat an entire 4-course meal in under 10 minutes, which also comes in handy on wedding days.
  • I'm a great problem-solver and fast thinker. (Thanks to those engineering and education degrees I'm no longer using!!)
  • I love dad jokes.
  • I'll arrive 15-20 minutes early by default - earlier if you prefer.
  • Forgot your coffee/water/PowerBars/spare batteries? Split your pants? No worries - I can stop and pick some up on my way!
  • I shoot RAW on dual cards and always treat my second-shot images just as I treat my own wedding images. My own backed up copies have saved a few of my primary shooters in the past when they lost their own copies for various reasons.
  • When I work for you, I will not market myself in any way. I hate that I even have to say that, but I have had a few experiences with my own second shooters that made me want to reassure you of my professionalism.
  • I ask for payment when services are rendered and accept PayPal, Venmo, check, or cash.
  • Based on my experience and high quality equipment, I ask for $50+ per hour for second shooting and $100+ per hour for associate shooting.
  • If I'm traveling more than 2 hours away or shooting in a location with crazy parking fees, I ask that some extra travel expenses be thrown in.

If You Would Like To Contact Me About Shooting For You:

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or email me at jameskernphotography@gmail.com